Hinchinbrook Island - a sacred wildness
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Hinchinbrook Island - a sacred wildness

Steven Nowakowski spent ten years documenting and capturing, the essence of Hinchinbrook Islands most wild landscapes. His time spent exploring this elusive and magnificent island, has enabled him to compile an exquisite collection of images for his book titled, 'Hinchinbrook Island a sacred wildness'.

This 112 page book includes 75 large format panoramic images, depicting the grandeur of the Islands landscapes, gracefully accompanied by poetry written by Liz Downes.

With so many visits to the Island up his sleeve, it can only be expected that Stevens list of amazing scenes, sights and experiences on the island, must surely be endless.

During the wet season on 1999, Steven experienced two cyclones passing by the Island. Unbeknown to him, he continued on his walk, lugging not only vital survival and camping equipment but also the heavy camera gear, just the same as he'd done many times before.

The camera equipment weighs approximately 7kgs, which consists of a large format panoramic camera. Steven says of the heavy, and most times undeniably uncomfortable expeditions to Hinchinbrook Island, its not until you arrive home and have the processed transparencies on the light box, do you realise that every hard step along the Island was totally worthwhile.

The outcome of the Oyster Point Environmental Campaign aroused the idea of Steven compiling the book. The campaign was aimed at halting the massive marina and residential subdivision, adjacent to the Hinchinbrook Channel. The campaign has been running for well over a decade. Throughout the campaign around thirty people have been arrested. Steven was one of them. They managed to shut down the dredge which was attempting to cut a boating channel through seagrass beds (vital for Dugong survival), within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

Due to the relatively unknown status of Hinchinbrook and its beauty, Steven has delicately and respectfully displayed the splendid scenery of the Island. His objective is to enable people to fully understand what truly is at stake. Through printing such images, Steven strongly believes that this can play a vital role in helping conserve all that is left of our natural wilderness areas: We must continue to show Australians what can be lost through misguided decisions.

The book, 'Hinchinbrook Island - a sacred wildness' also includes a brief Cultural History, a narrative of the Oyster Point campaign and a Foreword by Hinchinbrook's ambassador Margaret Thorsborne.

104 pages

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Size:- 300 x 195mm

ISBN - 0-9580984-0-9

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